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Our Lady of Guadalupe

Miracles Abound in Old Mexico

In perhaps the greatest love story of all time, God sent Our Lady of Guadalupe to the broken, Indigenous Aztec tribes of Central Mexico back in 1531, and raised them from the ruins wrought by sin and Spaniards to a place of inspiration for the entire world. 

Yet all is not well in the land of Our Lady, for where there is great good so evil follows, and what results is a rich tapestry of the human condition; a view into mankind's seamier side as we are propelled ever faster into the apocalypse.  In Central Mexico, Apocalypse is celebrated as kind of an on going festival - a party leading up to God knows what and the second coming of Christ.  It all swirls around a culture in flux in a land of great mystery in which God and the devil seem to have some kind of understanding because, in the end, the mysterious lady on the Ayate wins it all.  It's always party time in Mexico City! 

Into all of this enter Chaplain Phil.  He has Brian Helix in tow and soon is off on the adventure of a lifetime.  Posing the eternal question, "What must I do to avoid going to the dentist?" he finds the answer on top of a pyramid, in the middle of the night, with the gathered hordes of the native American peoples cheering him on, as he battles the devil Mescalito in a spiritual warfare showdown that is one for the ages.        

Miracles do indeed abound, and all brought to you by the miracle we wield with both great authority and wild abandon here at RNJ:

The Miracle of Radio.
Our Lady of Guadalupe


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October 04, 2021   
Our Lady of Guadalupe - Music on the Tilma
October 05, 2021 Annie Karto - Song To Our Lady of Guadalupe
October 06, 2021 Alexander Acha - La Guadalupana
October 07, 2021 Alexander Acha - María
October 08, 2021 On Pilgrimage - Various
October 11, 2021 No Selection
October 12, 2021 No Selection
October 14, 2021 No Selection
October 15, 2021 No Selection

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe Documentary: Amazing Scientific Analysis!

Knight Light

December 1531, Mexico. The Virgin Mary appears to a Indian humble peasant, but nobody believes in him. On Her request the Indian wraps in his "tilma" some Castilian roses, mysteriously flowered on a barren scene. In front of the Bishop he opens the cap discovering the miracle: the image of the Virgin is impressed upon it. The image is extraordinarily real. The results of analysis are amazing. In the Virgin's eyes the 13 figures who witnessed the miracle are visible. The stars on her cloak are positioned exactly as they were in the miracle's day (12.12.1531). The painting technique used is unknown. The colors keep intact, the cloth is not corrupted. And that's not all: an extraordinary discovery reveals the Spanish origin (from Extremadura, Spain) of the name of Guadalupe and its incredible connection with the Evangelist Saint Luke.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Documentary: Amazing Scientific Analysis! - Part 1

October 04, 2021

    Program No. 396


Our Lady of Guadalupe Documentary: Amazing Scientific Analysis! - Part 2

October 05, 2021

    Program No. 397

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Talk Given by Dennis Gaetano

Dan Bruski

Dennis Gaetano of Mater Dei Tours helps us to delve into the mind-blowing facts, miracles and science of an image that brought 9 million souls to Jesus in 10 years. Ignited by the Virgin Mary's appearance to Juan Diego in 1531, the greatest conversion story of all time continues today as more that 20 million pilgrims travel to Mexico each year to encounter Mary's gaze.


Our Lady of Guadalupe - Talk Given by Dennis Gaetano - Part 1

October 07, 2021

    Program No. 398


Our Lady of Guadalupe - Talk Given by Dennis Gaetano - Part 2

October 08, 2021

    Program No. 399

Darkness Into Light: Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Pilgrimage Experience


The histories and miracles of our lady of Guadalupe and her other selves (Our Lady of the Remedies, La Soledad, the Virgin of San Juan) come alive as Mexican scholars and pilgrims on the road tell the wondrous stories behind their devotion to their spiritual mother.


Darkness Into Light: Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Pilgrimage Experience

October 08, 2021

  Program No. 400

The Month of Mary: The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Catholic Extension

As we begin the month of Mary, we invite you join the thousands of others who have been inspired by this video story of Our Lady of Guadalupe featuring friend of Catholic Extension, Dr. Arturo Chávez, President of the Mexican American Catholic College.


Dr. Arturo Chavez - The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe

October 11, 2021

    Program No. 401

The Venerable Fulton Sheen - The Devil


Perhaps no one in the 20th century spoke of the Catholic Faith with the same authority, eloquence and excellence as the Venerable Bishop and Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.  In this classic talk, he speaks of the devil.  Many do that to be sure, but not with the same knowledge and experience that Archbishop Sheen brings to the ambo.  And though this talk was made two generations ago, his words still ring as fresh and true today as when they were spoken.  If you have never heard this famous talk on the devil you need to.  And if you have, then you already know it surely won't hurt to listen again.  And again.  


The Venerable Fulton Sheen - The Devil

October 12 2021

    Program No. 402

BIDEN vs. BERGOGLIO: Even Black Lives Matter Has Had Enough


Michael Matt explains how the Build Back Better sabotage of America is directly impacting deliveries and construction work on the new RTV studio project.  Lumber, supplies, even food is in short supply all across the country, as some 70 cargo ships off the coast of California are not allowed to unload their cargo.

What’s going on?

Michael argues that we’re witnessing the intentionally orchestrated collapse the U.S. economy, which includes wrecking small business (because it provides independence from government), paying Americans not to work, opening the borders and -- last but not least -- putting a total buffoon in the Oval Office.

If they’re going to “build back better,” our globalist friends first have to destroy everything in this country…including the once greatest healthcare system in the world.  If you don’t think this is intentional, you need to watch this video.


RTV - BIDEN & BERGOGLIO: Even Black Lives Matter Has Had Enough

October 14, 2021

  Program No. 403

Chaplain Phil vs. Mescalito & Spotlight: Clergy Orgies

Radio New Jerusalem/Church Militant

Brian Helix will tell you, and in no uncertain terms, that a pilgrimage to Mexico to Our Lady of Guadalupe with Chaplain Phil is an experience like no other.  This is the conclusion to the little RNJ radio serial that has been prefacing all of these programs concerning Our Lady of Guadalupe, and it serves (somehow) as the introduction to a killer Christine Niles report from Church Militant concerning Clergy Orgies (of all things).  Thanks to Christine, Sally has the scoop of her career, and only Brian upstaging her from Mexico with a live report that finds Chaplain Phil atop a moonlit pyramid, as the assembled tribes...  Well, no sense spoiling the excitement.  You'll hear all about it and more when you click below, and you won't be disappointed.


Chaplain Phil vs. Mescalito & Spotlight: Clergy Orgies

October 15, 2021

  Program No. 404