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Catholic USA Globalist

Donkey Retro: Dems Brought Back the
'18 Pandemic, '68 Riots and '73 Gas Lines!
America: A Jonestown-Style Suicide Cult
That Keeps Drinking the Vax Kool-Aid
We Are Now Witnessing Early Signs of
the Dreaded Vaccine Zombie Apocalypse

Medjugorje: Dear Earth It Has Begun! Insurrection? No. But There Was a Coup. The Defenestration of Dr. Robert Malone

VACCINES: Bishop Athanasius Schneider
Presents the Catholic Position
March for Life Cancels Expo, Announces
Vaccine-or-Test Mandate for Indoor Events
Plan to Remake Humanity

Led by the Star: The Epiphany of Christ
in the Ancient Roman Liturgy
Trump Urges MAGA Nation to ‘Rise Up’
Against ‘Mandate Happy’ Democrats
OPERATION CHAOS: Dems Flood America’s
Streets With Criminals Ahead of False Flag

Wise Men or Blundering Babblers?' Their Perfect Society, Our Nightmare Taiwan Is the Real China

Our Lord Jesus to Gisella Cardia:
“My Time Is Near”
Despotism Is the New Normal:
Looming Threats to Freedom in 2022
Draconian Chinese Law to Shut
Down Christianity Online

The Trial of the Century Takes the Pope to Court. And Risks an Incident With China All Over America, a Shortage of Workers
Is Forcing Businesses to Shut Down
GLOBAL ALERT: 10 Million People Per Day
Are Put on Countdown to Vaccine Death

Viganò on the “Responsa ad
Dubia” of Traditionis Custodes
FBI Declassifies Files on CIA’s Satanic
Ritual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking
China’s ‘Artificial Sun’ Burns Five
Times Hotter Than the Real Sun

Catholicism Is Irreconcilable
With the Woke Cultural Revolution
GOP Filled With Corrupt Politicians No Better Than Democrats - All Run by Big Pharma The Flow of Money Creates a
Path to One World Government

The Jesuit Reform That Never Happened Men Have Forgotten God The Dr. Malone - Joe Rogan Interview

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