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Catholic USA Globalist
A Cooked-Up Nanny State Crockpot 'Manchurian Mom' Misses CCP Nanny State Putin Readies the Final Nail for the Coffin

Bishop Strickland Denounces the WEF Republicans: Getting Blown Out by Phantoms Globalists Replacing Humans With AI

Rome Opens Pulpits to Pro-LGBT Protestants Corrupt CNN Turns on Biden Crime Family
Madonna Accused of Porn, Child Trafficking

Passion of the Chirst Sequel Filming Soon! Why Americans Are So Dang Rude Totalitarian NZ PM Announces Resignation

Russian Sunrise Redux Soros ‘Shadow Organization’ Sues DeSantis Another Dud in Davos

Lawyers: McCarrick Unfit to Stand Trial MLK ‘Penis’ Statue Insults Black Community Amazon Lays Off 18,000 Workers

Here’s What They're Pushing at Davos DoD, HHS, Big Pharma Committed Murder Globalists Plot How to Stop the Awakening

Strike Back at the Empire! Jesus Offends People at Mall of America The Clock Is Ticking for Humanity
Alveda King Honors MLK by Fighting Abortion Pfizer Buys Favor With GOP Destroying Democracy - An Inside Job
Did the Vatican Dishonor Pope Benedict? FBI Spies Colluded With CIA, NSA How We Got to "Sudden & Unexpected"

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