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Catholic USA Globalist

Our Lady to Gisella Cardia:
“The ‘Warning’ Is Very, Yes, Very Near!”
Terminal CWO: Biden Regime Knowingly
Continues the Destruction of US Armed Forces
Francis Praises Catholic ‘Fact-
Checking’ Media Group Tied to Gates, Soros

BREAKER 19: Freedom Convoy Rocks Canada The Deadly Fruits of Censoring Conservatives Unhinged Liberals' Heads Are Exploding

The “Great Helmsman” Bombards Hong
Kong, and the Church is Under Fire Too
Biden Family Ties to Communist China
Even More Extensive Than Thought
Moving Illegals Under Cover of Darkness:
‘Betraying the American People’

Catholic Charities Involved in Largest
Illegal Alien Invasion in US History
FBI Labeled ‘Irreparably Corrupt’ After
Response to Synagogue Hostage Crisis
Mysterious Object in Space Sending
Regular Radio Transmissions

Catholic Bishops Zealous for Ukraine:
Prelates Compare Putin to Herod
Freedom Convoy Uniting
US and Canadian Patriots
Nano Man: It's a Killer Vaccine! Humans
Are Transforming Before Our Eyes!

Great Reset Is Possible Because Vatican II
Thwarted the Reign of Christ the King
Furious Neil Young Demands Spotify
Choose Between Him and Joe Rogan
As the West Normalizes Moral Depravity,
Russia Moves Against Pedophiles

Munich Abuse Report: Homosexual
Networks Rule in German Dioceses
The View Suggests We Adhere
to Pandemic Rules Forever
"Atlas Shrugged by Rothschild’s Mistress -
A Blueprint for Ushering in the NWO!

Ushering in Armageddon: Putin and
Russia’s Mysterious Nuclear Priesthood
Where Will You Be When the
Nukes Start Falling on America?
Legal Proceedings Against Convid
Criminals Will Happen! Witches Panic!

Sixteen Major COVID Players Accused of
Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity
Ten Signs We Are on the
Precipice of War With Russia
Wipe Out Trillions Has Now Begun

Catholic Publisher Denies Ties to Soros Cash Feds Making a List of Religious Exemptions Luciferians Launch Collapse of Civilization

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