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Catholic USA Globalist

Woke Edukayshun: The Marxist
Destruction of Education
Survey Finds Democrats’ Greatest
Concern Is Scary Trump Supporters
Turns Out Weather Modification Wasn’t
Just Another Crazy Conspiracy Theory

Christopher Ferrara:
Not My President, Not My Pope
Narrative Begins, Football Tracked,
25th Amendment Now Being Pushed
How Societies Are Imprisoned: Whole
World Will One Day Be Like Hollywood?

Pope to Host Interfaith Prayer at ‘Babel’ -
Fake 'Abraham's House' Site of Pagan Temple
Coming to America:
The Massive Death Toll Of Communism
Antichrist Spirit: Biden’s Revolutionary
Equality Act abolishes biological sexes
Secret Societies: RIP JFK -
We Will Succeed! - Serial Brain 2
The Economic Battle Has Arrived -
The Puppet Masters Made Their First Move!

Our Modern Teacher, Adolf Eichmann Justice Thomas' Scathing Dissent DUMBs War Happening Right Now
Francis Adulator Rejoices:
“Francis Doesn’t Speak Like a Priest”
Biden Admin FAILURE
Broadcasted To MILLIONS Yesterday!
SGT Report: Human Trafficking,
Hyperinflation and the Battle for Humanity
False Gods of the New World Order

Green Light, It’s Time To Start Looking
At The Other Sides Real Crimes
Overthrowing Communism, Surprisingly Easy?

The New Religion:
The world's new moral authorities
Biden and the Democrats Still Running
Scared After Stealing Election
Peter Kirby on Dark Outpost:
I Almost Died At Bohemian Grove

A Vatican II Moment -- Ash Wednesday
in the Novus Ordo: The New Sacred Music
Comms Prove Previous Owners to INTEL...
Dark Outpost: Melinda
Gates is Actor Kevin Kline!

Pope Francis accepts Cardinal Sarah's
resignation from divine worship congregation
Joe Biden Collides with Catholic
Bishops over Equality Act
We Never Knew, We Knew: On The
Child Sacrificing Cult And The Vatican

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