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Catholic USA Globalist

Operation Survival:
The Case for the SSPX
As Democrats DIE OFF From Vaccines,
They Are REPLACED by Unvaxxed Illegals
Shadow Government
Initiates Biden Takedown

Abp. Viganò’s Christmas 2021 Message Is Jeffrey Epstein Alive? Control the Language, Control the World

“Wholesale Destruction of the Faith”
 - A Schismatic Pope?
Retired Generals: Pentagon Must ‘Take Steps’
to Stop ‘Insurrection’ After 2024 Election
Gates & Fauci Have Teamed Up to Form
Multi-Billion Dollar Vaccine Empire

Pope Restricts Traditional Sacraments,
Bans Traditional Confirmations & Ordinations
Is This the Trigger for the Coming
Avalanche? - Truth & Art TV
German Bible Museum Puts
Up Transgender Jesus Exhibit

Anglican Orders a Pretext to Women Priests ‘A Winter of Death’ Awaits the Unvaccinated
Meet Ghislaine: Daddy’s Girl

In Case You Didn’t Know,
Pornography Destroys Minds and Souls
"America's Governor" Says Florida Will Not
Tolerate “Elite-Driven Phenomenon”
“Skynet” Microchip Breakthrough
Announced That Will ENSLAVE Humanity

Marital Nullity, Farewell.
Doors Open for “Catholic Divorce”
Seven Signs That War With
Russia Just Got Even Closer
The Mind Blowing True Story Of
Epstein's Satanic Island of Terror!

Viganò Defends Cardinal Müller, His Great
Reset Critique, to the Globalist Sanhedrin
Indigo Skyfold Tanker Terminators:
US Chemtrail Pilot Comes Forward
Prince Andrew: ‘Child Rape Victim Had
False Memories Implanted in Her Brain’

Pornography: Children Continue to Be
Sacrificed to Society’s Perverse Addiction
As Violence Arrives in Rich Neighborhoods,
Liberals and Ex-Radicals Buy Guns
Against CDC, WHO, Fauci & Gates!

Child Sex Trafficking: Nothing to See Here? Christian Churches Serving the Wrong God! Crimes Against Children Must Be Exposed!

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