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Catholic President of Tanzania:
“We Don't Close Down Churches!"
George Soros Bankrolls Ads to Attack Trump Over Coronavirus Crisis In Key States QUATERNARY WEAPON SYSTEM Activated Before Each Coronavirus Cluster Explosion

Did Bill Gates ask Bergoglio
To shut down the Catholic Church?
Bill Gates: God Father of the
Worldwide Coronavirus Panic
Turkey Uses Hagia Sophia as
Mosque for Islamic Prayer Again

Pandemic Prompts Wave of Consecrations to Immaculate Heart of Mary Keys Open The Door, Blind Justice Under The Law Will Return, Nothing Can Stop This! Pandemic: It’s Likely Caused By More Than One Pathogen. There Is a Missing Antidote

Fr. Goring’s advice on how to protect yourself during the ”Three Days of Darkness” Many are waking up to the
Deep State tactics. Do not fear.
They Can't Fight Coronavirus with Tanks - Global Martial Law Coming!

Lt. governor and aspiring Jesuit has long record on 'abortion rights' “Lots of Grandparents” Willing to Risk Dying of Coronavirus to Save Economy 21 Million Chinese Cellphone Users Disappear in Three Months of Pandemic

On Miraculous Mary, The Bible
And Fasting, Buffalo Bishop
Prevention Expert: Our Fight Against Coronavirus May Be Worse Than The Disease THIS Could BE Whats REALLY GOING ON:

Bergoglio Jumps on Boff's Bandwagon: Coronavirus is Pachamama’s Revenge Leaked Video Could Shut Down The Democratic Party — For Good Spat Between China Diplomats Signals Internal Split Over Trump

Bishops Begging for Pandemic Cash The Democrats just made a huge mistake Argentinian Pastor Slammed for Allegedly Selling “Blessed Antibacterial Gel”

COVID-19: 10 Horns, 7 Heads,
The Mark Of The Beast
ALERT! A War Breaking Out In The Government? Battle Lines Drawn! WHO officials say global health systems collapsing as coronavirus sweeps the globe

Did This Seer See the Coronavirus Epidemy?  California police to use Chinese patrol drones with night-vision during lockdown
Novel Coronavirus invented in France and Made in China to destabilize the U.S.!

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