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Catholic USA Globalist

Team Biden Launches Great Reset
Mao’s Mouthpieces: US Reporters
Outed for Spreading CCP Propaganda
The Shortages Of Everything
Are Breaking US Supply Chains

The Seven Sorrows of the Modern Church Trump to Anti-vax Patriots: Bend Over! COVID-19: Radiation Sickness Smokescreen

Last Secret of Fatima: “There will be
a reckoning – a dimming of the Sun..."
Why Is Arizona So Important?
The Demons Are Screaming! Winning! Pray!
COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines
and the Risk of Prion Disease

Schism Looms: Pressure Mounts For Church
to Change Teaching on Homosexuality
How Psychopath John D. Rockefeller Snuffed
Out Natural Cures To Create Big Pharma
Stay Away From Vaccinated People!
Vaccine Shedding To Others!

Anonymous Catholic Priest: Taking or
Facilitating Covid-19 Injections Is a Mortal Sin
Biden Regime to Coerce Citizens Into
Covid Vaccinations that Might Kill Them
The Hidden Name of Our Creator YHWH
in Your DNA! Sacred Geometry In Our DNA!

Under Cover of COVID,
the Vatican is Going Haywire
This Will Never Happen Again,
The People Are Taking Back The Power
Disney: The Pedophile Connection
Is Disney the Hub of Trafficking Children?

Cult Fiction: Case Against the New Normal Mike Lindell Presents: Absolute Interference Exposed: The Elite Pedophile Empire

Vax Coercion Abuse:
UK Uses ‘Behavioral Blackmail’ to Push Jabs
Snowden: ‘Be Careful Because Some Things
That Are Termed A Conspiracy Are True’
UFO Crash Recoveries:
A Classified Corporate Gold Rush

Viganò: Holy See is ‘making itself
the servant of the New World Order’
The CIA Used To Infiltrate The Media.
Now The CIA Is The Media
China building nearly 100 more biolabs
similar to the Wuhan Institute of Virology

Putin Lectures America for
abandoning its Christian roots
Strategic Command Warns Biden
Admin to Prepare for Nuclear War
The Five Agendas of
The Antichrist and Agenda 2030

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