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Catholic USA Globalist

Crashing the Gates The Vaccine Is a Bio-Weapon They Walk Among Us

Our Lady of the Roses: "Recognize the Signs
of the Times, My Children! The War is On!"
Greg Hunter & Peter Schiff:
The Dollar is Going to Collapse!
Anti-Israel Protest Accuses Jews
of Killing Palestinian Jesus

Our Lady:
"Nourish Yourselves with Jesus Every Day!"
Professor Says “White Supremacy” is
Root Cause of Blacks Attacking Asians
The DUMB World of Phil Schneider:
What the Hell is Going on Down There?

Saving America From Marxism:
Retired Brig. Gen. Bolduc warns citizens
The Trump "Prophecies,"
"The Last President" and More!
"Creepy Uncle Joe" Just Might be
the Most Popular Pizzagate Card Ever!

The Very First Synod Thoughts On The “New Normal” Comprehending These Events

PREPARE FOR WAR: Catholic Priest
Warns of Imminent Global Conflict
Biden Disses Coast Guard,
Promotes Communism, Quotes Mao
Very Large M7.4 Earthquake Strikes
China/Asia -- Extreme Seismic Unrest

Vatican Turns Synod on ‘Synodality’
Into Yearlong International Process
Trump Interview "I Caught The Swamp!
Do We Really Know Just How Evil
This Cabal Is? We Do Now! Pray!

Low-Information Catholics: Embracing
Slogans as Doctrine while Denying Truth
Patriots Can Now See the Board Clearly,
the First Domino is Ready to Fall
Senate Poised to Reveal "X-Files," Defense
Expert: Information “Earth-shattering”

The #1 Indication Jesus will Return Soon
is All the Signs Appearing Together
Operation Mockingbird Still At Play - Report Shows Spy Agencies Still Control Media Global Food Supplies are Shrinking, Causing
Hunger To Explode All Over The Planet
Our Lady: UFO's "Are From Hell" Vaccine Virtue Signaling & The Cult Of Woke! Report: UFO's "Are Everywhere"

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